Infrastructure for Typed Knowledge Graphs

In this post we explore infrastructure required for our emerging synthetic field:

Infrastructure for Typed Knowledge Graphs

TGKT = Typed Graph Knowledge Theory
   is a mathematical definition space (purely functional), in which we obtain proofs as knowledge.
   TGKT is an open-world compile-time artifact, used to produce closed-world runtime artifacts
   deployed into TGKB below.
TGKB = Typed Graph Knowledge Base
   is a stateful space of applied effects, in which we reason using compiled artifacts from TGKT above.
   Data received (effect) in TGKB serves as explicit axioms in a queryable form until purged (effect).
   TGKB is closed, predicative, replacable, and equivalent at any moment to a simple set of data files.
   One TGKB is always grounded in a single, permanently fixed immutable TGKT.
   We derive explainable results from such a TGKB.   
   Complex behavior is composable as a sequence of TGKBs, based on a sequence of TGKTs.

General needs 

  • Store and present information from quantitative realms such as finance, physical sciences.
  • Tee up explainable decisions over data
  • Deploy remixable A,B,C technology options in each component and layer.

Computation Activities

  • Type Description
  • Proof and Verification
  • Data Movement and Xform 
Below we rank our options for these core runtime needs, enumerating possible approaches where
required technology is not yet fully standardized and ubiquitous.
  1. exec - executable machine for lab desktop, and symmetrically for server and cloud
  2. nosql - database components which also run on desktop, server, or cloud
  3. cloud - a chosen platform of cloud infrastructure, such as Google Cloud, AWS, MS Azure
  4. xmsg - approach to internal messaging and transactions

Exec machine options

  • exec_main:  ScalaToJvm

NoSQL DB options

Cloud scalable deployment options

Basically ubiquitous in commercial realm, but can be expensive to migrate from one setup to another.
  • cloud_main: Google Cloud 
    • cloud_alt_01: Amazon Web Services
    • cloud_alt_02: Microsoft Azure

XMsg Options

  • xmsg_main:  HTTP + JSON + Akka + NoSQL
    • xmsg_alt_01 : AMQP + Avro + NoSQL
    • Kafka, Flink, Spark, Hadoop
    • Quarkus  Vertex 



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