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Background on Knowledge Graphs and Types

In this post, Knowledge Graph  indicates information stored in a graph-aware database, usually including some ontology features. Quite often the same knowledge store includes description of space, time, and/or quantitative signal data.  Such hybrid capability suggests a fuzzy boundary between a "knowledge graph" and other flavors of information storage. Meanwhile Type Theory refers to a vital trend in mathematics and logic towards harmony with concepts that are familiar in computer science. In this post I provide some general background for discussion of fun ideas at the intersection of Knowledge Graphs with Type Theory, without delving too far into specific technology issues. Introductory Material on KGs and KBs  Technically minded may start with this open access e-book  (Springer PDF + HTML), sponsored by European Union project LAMBDA (Learning, Applying, Multiplying Big Data Analytics): Knowledge Graphs and Big Data Processing E-Published July 2020 by V. Jane