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Short CS Reading List for 2022

  Short CS Reading List for 2022  Here are a few useful recent computer science papers and books available as PDF downloads. Machine Learning and Big Data Some practical computation topics of current interest: " Category Theory in Machine Learning " by Shiebler, Gavranovic, Wilson 43 pages, on arXiv uploaded 2021-06-13 Good context here for thinking about Probability Monads (e.g. Giry).   See page 22. " Zero-Cost, Arrow-Enabled Data Interface for Apache Spark " by Rodriguez, Chackrabroty, Chu et al. 6 pages, first uploaded to arXiv on 2021-06-24, updated on 2021-11-27 "Dive into Deep Learning" interactive book 1,011 page(!) compendium of ML approaches, useful for review with attempted consistent vocabulary. Usable as HTML, intended to be agnostic about ML platform, comes in several editions.  Stu B. uses MXNet-variant pdf download.